New Genesis, Incorporated 
Summer Camp Group Coach




Summer Camp Group Coach

Length of Employment

June 14 - August 20, 2021


Desired Qualifications

Post secondary training in Education/Teaching or Child Development

1-2 years providing academic instruction to children

Relevant experience working with children in a structured setting


Job Description

The Summer Camp Group Coach will oversee a classroom of 15-20 students and youth assistant coaches to create an atmosphere of fun, learning and creativity that encourages campers to incorporate academic skills in thematic units.


Job Responsibilities

Create a safe and fun learning environment inclusive of all campers

Oversee and supervise campers at all times

Deliver engaging instructional lessons and activities

Follow basic lesson plan structure incorporating creative ideas

Guide campers to define a set of rules/norms for classroom efficiency

Keep classroom and materials organized and neat

Direct assistant coaches and volunteers to be involved in camp activities effectively

Communicate daily with Camp Supervisors for needs, concerns, progress or points of pride

Create and maintain positive relationships with parents

Other tasks as may be assigned


Key Competencies

Love for working with children

Ability to positively motivate and encourage students

Ability to collaborate with other coaches and volunteers to create an awesome camping experience for the children and parents



High energy level

Ability to problem solve


Reports to:

Tulani Glenn, Academic Director